Travel proximal and distal

I never thought, cross country path that will lead me to such exotic places, can always subconsciously thinking about them / I dreamed of a marathon was only a pretext, impulse that allowed to dare and implement the plan. It is true, the journey begins long before departure, I love planning, This nervous tension and expectation. Our trips start on average 8-6 months earlier and upsets but long waits and allows you to focus on the details departure. Zresztą, allows you to extend the pleasant feeling of adventure and exploring an unknown area and I mean not only the geography ... Away in our lives it takes just a minute, like one blink and waiting and planning allows it to extend the number of blinks. Trip to Jamaica as a hurricane occurred, who visited the island in 2001 years, suddenly and unexpectedly. I was followed by an indefinite, fascinating and the smell of damp heat, who teased and provoked further departures.

Map of cross-country travel.

Map of car trips.
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