I wonder if this is a symptom stetryczenia, or altitude sickness but I like everything. This means everything on our trips / journeys.

I like 12 hours in a plane, although the shorter the better.
I like 10 people flying on the plane 186 local Boeing 737-800 OF, when a flight attendant urges the location and offers a blanket and pillow out of business and the pilot out of the cockpit during the flight and asks - How are you doing?
I like 10 hours on the bus after the Cambodian roads and over 4 the bus from Eilat to Tel Awiwiu.
I like our budget accommodation in hostels and cottages, even at night on Phi Phi wanting to use the toilet scaring a whole herd of cockroaches.
I like all the flavors, meals, which costs, even eating 7 days in a row the same breakfast in Eilat.
And now ... senda summary of departure to Israel, Part Two.
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