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Subjective, because everyone expects something different, ranking of what we ran marathons. On the occasion of our appeal 12 marathon, and thus visit 10 racing seats, I stack them in the best 10.


There are many marathons rankings, she grabbed on such and chose destinations, which were considered the best in the world. Reality verified strongly towards the "most", So now I do not believe in my own statement and is created based on real experience and not what experts describe copying press releases and advertising prepared by the organizers, never being on the spot!

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Prince of Monaco cars collection

You can not go to the French Riviera and skip the Principality of Monaco with all its glitz, casino, stamps and of course cars. The more, that in Monte Carlo held the Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1, Rajd Monte Carlo (Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo) and the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique organized by the Automobile Club de Monaco.

The attraction is also the opportunity to see the car collection of Prince of Monaco.
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Wat Samphran in search of a Thai dragon

Our third visit in Thailand marked two goals: eat soup with a hell of a sharp river tram stop – that is, once again lost in Bangkok and see “prohibited” temple of the Dragon – około 60 km from the city.

When developing plans Maciej yet discovered gem in the form of Jesada Technik Museum (full relationship appear in section Moto Muzea) – we were ready for the Land of Smile, Study Wyspa Ko Samui i Samui Festival Marathon&Trail 2019 był zupełnie przypadkowy i po drodze 😉
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