Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon 2020

Photo. Organizer

Is the second time the same marathon runs easier? Is the difference two years is important?

Location hostel (although we had no choice in practice, booked what we were the cheapest) He was an instant hit and 3,5 km walk at the start turned out to be a good warm-up. Reasonable hourly scheduled start – 7:00, not forced to wake up in the middle of the night. Clad in a thermal blanket 6:10 We checked in the town race. Films aroused considerable interest, runners even asked us where it took. In practice, we always have them in backpacks for travel, but to Tel Aviv we took them knowing, that we will use them to start walking. The deposit is paid 20 NIS, there is no need to take with you any of the things or backpacks, and the film just for a morning walk at 13-15 degrees Celsius.

Pokręciliśmy after expo, we have seen the confusion with the start of the half marathon, single latecomers took off just before we even firing.
Similar to 2018 we set at the front of the headlamp. The traditional opening speech and, Traditionally only the only legitimate language and took off.
Photo. Organizer

The weather was incomparable, definitely warmer – air 22 and felt 28-30 and sunny. I was afraid this temperature, not long ago I was running around in this heat and the first 21 km with the sun in your face, virtually no shade bothered me the most. According to its proven principle at every point I used the water – sip, two, for splashing a little further and. The water was at 2,5 – 3 km and it was enough. It is a pity, that the organizers have not prepared cups, were only 0,5 l bottles and most of the water is wasted and landed on the side of the packaging.
Photo. Organizer

On the route given gels, widziałam 3 such points, there were also fruit and bananas – I took advantage of one of the 28 km, the other did not notice, And yes Maciek. Traditionally, counting on their 4 I used the gels and 9, 18, 27, 35 kilometer, that falls to me perfectly, although the last 10 km were hard “energy” and assisted twice ISOTONICS fed on the route. This year there were dates, and this is what they are best before the finish line, I think for the next marathon over a number of takeover “misiożelków” the only problem is I do not have a pocket.
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During the course reminded me of the exact route and knew, “what lurks around the corner”, further saying, that the route is not easy and is not flat. It is guided and interesting during the gear does not get bored and head can occupy admiring views, monuments and streets. Large crowds of fans along the route is not, accumulate points and places kibicerskich doping is really big. This is one of the few marathons, which ran with such a large number of viewers / doping. This time I experienced quite unpleasant events. Traditionally, like nailing Fridays, those who set hands. That's my thanks for cheering and fun. The park Jaffa, right before 21 km on the left side lined up the children and ran towards their exposed hands, getting ready for “high five”. What was my surprise, little boys when they saw, I'm a sissy took his hands in disgust. I pissed off and skirted another “outstretched hands” almost to the finish.
Photo. Organizer

In the course I met a few Poles (basically ahead of me) I talked with several, exchanged greetings were those which sped away without hesitation (our T-shirts “marathon” uniquely identifies us – Polish people). Maciek also not idle, and develop social contacts. Greetings crew 3 lords of 3:33, and I thank you for transferred “greetings from her husband” shirt with you in Wroclaw night!

Maciek was active on the route and a lot of work hands, as one can see…

I ran, too fast for the photographer…

Latest 2 km from 2018 I mention bad, This time I was prepared for a gravel alley, parking and green carpet. Along the way around 1,5 km before the finish line first marathon saw crying in pain and helplessness guy, He stood and held his calf, a little further because 1 km from the finish I saw “sun lounger”, which assistance was provided. I ran the gate, and I was at the finish line. I got a medal and water – I drank two bottles of sprite, the third is already savored. I waited at Mack zone marathon, where he gave a commercial przekąsami, fruits and thermal foil. For runners waited too yogurt, isotonic drink and magical cola with coffee.

The result surprised me, This turned out to be my fastest marathon. Byłam 22 kobietą na mecie, 7 w kategorii i 1 Polka.
At the Tel Aviv Marathon Samsung you can count, robust organization, interesting and good cross-country trail memories guaranteed.
42K: 03:39:38 in 04:05:48