Touch wood

Awaited marathon canceled, our favorite 5* line rose to the challenge and managed to cancel flight. We tried to minimize losses, I ended up acceptable level in the face of the global crisis coronavirus.

The organizer of the run we got information, that next year we get the opportunity to register without qualifications, we are determined to use it, that is, what it does not flee dowlecze. May.

Our preparations (sic!) marathon could not be wasted, and my restless to sit still. I match available marathons held in February, away from the threat of virus, which can quickly organize logistically. We considered several locations, fell on ...

Spoke for some important facts:
– flight directly from Wroclaw;
– we know the place, we know what and how;
– organization and he loved marathon;
– It is warm and the beach;
– there are palm trees, skyscrapers and exotic Hong Kong but that is so different.

I kind of had not come back, twice because nothing ever happens, and yet so many places on the world map in front of us, however, we decided to choose the Tel Aviv Marathon for the second time on Friday and face the more than 42 kilometers.