2. Stage - Prusice Run

The second gear 11, first medal ever closer.

I will not say, I would like to deal with the fast 5 km route but the form is somewhere far away and can not even see it on the horizon. I concentrate on running nice and not hard work over form.
The second start is not promised to be interesting: wet and windy but you have to run. Pobiegliśmy. It was not pleasant, the winter this year.

The plan quickly 2,5 km not entirely succeeded blew too hard on the side. All the time I wait a force on the last kilometer and a strong finish. I reported on the finish line as the other woman and 1 The place is out of my reach. The second circle added to the cool, although I found the clothes and finally has overheated to this sensational jacket protected from the wind.
Photo. Prusice Biegają

5K: 00:21:56 (2 OPEN) in 00:22:27