Zimowy Bieg Piasta

While on the run can be emotional?
Photo. Jaroslaw Jakubczak

This year is not planned to start in the Winter Race Hub, we had to be elsewhere. The scenario was different, life and verified it on Saturday morning stawiliśmy in the multifunctional hall of the University of Life Sciences ul. Chełmońskiego 43 the packages. This year Piast organize your runs in the cycle collector carriage aces. And so went the first Ace of hearts in our hands.

Before, however, we hung on our necks we had to overcome 10 km route. This year the organizers surprised us completely innovative traced 5 km loop. And although I do not like to run around, this time I liked it, I also understand the organizational issues, It came out really well!
I'm beginning is always hard, often much too strenuous pace. This year, Maciej not stand it, and as far as giving advice 5 km is a further kilometer to the finish line were sprinkled with his groans and whining.

Thank player, that the last kilometers to the finish line was running a similar pace to our supported me and in the stimulation of the second half of my. At the finish line as checked 4 for. I should let go, because in the end only fun but the excitement prevailed, and intervened. For, which ran at the finish line in front of us ran “personally”. Not tired while holding a balloon, He did not recognize the feelings of the beaming in tandem, it is quite another gear, when you are connected to the second party 1 meter ribbon.
The protest was upheld and landed on 3 place, and me “traditionally” already I took care in this race 2 miejsce w kategorii.

these games, outside, that aura Valentine's taught me a lot, I appreciate run hand in hand, I encourage you to take up the challenge!
Organization as usual at the WKB Hub flawless, original and surprising route medal!
Photo. Andrzej “Tough guy”

10K: 00:47:35 (K40 2) in 00:47:37