Pearl River Delta #TogetherWeRunFurther

Some go Way to Tokyo 2020, we have another plan.

Thank you through the "standard runners priority in enrollment" to participate in Hong Kong Marathon 2020! Your registration results are as follows
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Whether 26 000 runners looks scary?

Orlen Warsaw Marathon was just a tool to, happily wybiegaliśmy qualifying time, and after a year of waiting filled out the application of appropriate evidence of the right to take. After two weeks and verification, we got information about the acceptance of the.

Machina started, in February 2020 we will be in China and exactly in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. I, what's going on now, accepts and is subjected to a whirl of events, it was our last chance to gain skills and used it!
This image was a contribution to the crazy idea, after two years of efforts we launch in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon! = 4235760

234 islands and Macau, Asian tigers call.