Prince of Monaco cars collection

You can not go to the French Riviera and skip the Principality of Monaco with all its glitz, casino, stamps and of course cars. The more, that in Monte Carlo held the Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1, Rajd Monte Carlo (Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo) and the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique organized by the Automobile Club de Monaco.

The attraction is also the opportunity to see the car collection of Prince of Monaco.

RMCH it was my biggest dream car, participation in this race. I absorbed all the participants of the rally every story, He greeted the crew during the hot ride “starry”, but when I went to Monaco, I saw the most famous car club established, street – witnesses of the great automotive history is completely recovered from my racing dreams.

The Principality of Monaco with every step feels huge snobbery. yachts, exclusive boutiques, hopeless panorama of the city with built disgusting hotel every scrap of land.

Nie, This is definitely not my climates, I missed the stuffy and stale air of Bangkok, without the glitz, despite tons of gold.

We went we toured.

My heart is not stolen a garage prince, although over 100 I saw some vehicles presented for the first time, and it rarely happens.

Despite the wealth of the principality you have to pay an entrance fee 8 Euro.
The founder of the collection was Rainer III now, all vehicles are privately owned by his son – Alberta II.
I was fascinated by this car collection containers for flowers, phenomenal! Precise execution, beautiful, intricate patterns and fragility of matter, is a real unique, which has kept very little, I first fell victim cracked, carambola and accidents.

You can walk among the cars and rally cars masters.

Presented cars, which he rode Grace Kelly, and made to special order a fully electric Lexus, where Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock went to a wedding.

There is also a peculiar brand of self Monaco ALA50.

Very rich and interesting is the collection of automobiles and carriages and carriages.

Private poignant souvenirs.

The Cars Collection of H.S.H. the Prince of Monaco

Open 7 days a week for an hour 10 of 17.30.