Półmaraton Piastowski

dream weather, dream distance, dream forest.

In October, we can not fail in the marathon Forest Rędzińskim Piast. Very intimate and treats this course of training, outside, and that this half-marathon race. A clearing in the forest as we go to each other again this year welcomed us with crowds of friends and wonderful weather złotojesienna.
Photo. Paweł Mazurczak

At the start of this race I set up a little at the front, fairly quickly it runs on narrow lanes and overtaking is a problem with. Last year “There I caught a hare”, Now I wanted to avoid this. First 10 km biegło mi się dobrze, babska quickly established a lead and stuck to the back 4 Girls, biegłyśmy equally, quite strong pace. On the second loop, and I paid for it Faded but still ran their.
Photo. Paweł Mazurczak

The last kilometer to the finish line tired after me, well, I did not have to fight, quietly I came to and remained more 5 in the OPEN.
Photo. Leon Dubij

The weather was marvelous, Fall fully. The temperature conducive to running, It was warm but not too hot.
Photo. Paweł Mazurczak

Traditionally, the competition was the culmination of pea soup and bread with lard. And let no one say, that after the race do not eat such food. There was also a box and a family atmosphere…

And as always, I highly recommend running organized by the Piast WKB with the team runs up trumps!
21K: 01:44:00 (K40 1) in 01:47:37