Eight XIII Osobowicka

Eight XIII Osobowicka simply 8 km – 2 loops in the Forest Osobowicki.
Photo. Eight Osobowicka

The day before it rained and was the first race of the series CityTrail. We once again forgive part in a series, because the timing gear niepodpasowały.
But on Sunday we could catch up on Forest Osobowicki chamber competitions organized by the Council of Settlements Osobowice – Redzin. Pros sun is shining and no fee.
Photo. Eight Osobowicka

Limit 200 of the records has been exhausted but ran in a less numerous group. The timing was not, organizers wrote down the numbers in the order of crossing the finish line.
I ran as usual, how I felt, completely without pressure. The first two kilometers surprised me cold air and breathing problems, I love to run when 30 positive! Circle the third kilometer meat slightly warmed and returned to the living. It was interesting to watch the battle rivals. They held behind my back to 6 then ignited km skate and rushed to the finish. I did not want to spit out the lungs and chase them, safely came to the 3 place. It was nice to hear from them, I was a good hare and distributed them to run. No cóż, it's not the first time, You see suited for distribution…

So, Either way fell two medals and I am happy. As for the organization, This course was conducted smoothly. At the finish line waiting for a medal, woda, apple / chocolate bar. Military drill quickly helped conduct the draw, However, during the course of awarding medals they had to wait and stay warm.
Osobowicka Eight is a good course to start the adventure of running, and for “time hunters” perfect competition without calculation and stress, Such a meeting Sunday and running with admiring faces increasingly autumn forest.