Jesada Technology Museum

Jesada Technik Museum is the largest museum of vehicles in Thailand, we could not miss it!

About 50 km from Bangkok in Nakhon Pathom is not only the largest museum of technology in Thailand, where you can admire planes, submarines and cars but also probably the world's largest collection microcarów. The owner is Mr.. Jesada Dejsakulrit, which is very active presence in Thailand with his museum, for me is the Asian Schlumpf, which laid the foundation for Cité de l'Automobile w Mulhouse.
From Bangkok we took the train (of course 3 category) for all the 12THB for two people! Then we waited 6 km walk and stood at the gates of the museum.

Walking is free, you need only “register” filling up the form. The museum is open daily except Mondays from 9 of 17.

Then you can be lost in a sea of ​​the smallest cars in the world. There is something to admire!
There are also cars for the big boys: Maserati, Volga, two Amphicary and the amount of Iset and Messerschmitt kr200 your head spin.

The regulations, which are displayed on the card and there are requests not to get in a car, do not open them and do not touch. As you can see in every corner of the world you will find the unruly fans of historic vehicles.

This wonderful simplicity and madness 60s.

Miniaków not run, but not for them we came here.

Only to see the smallest car in the world!

In ever “sweets”.

Even they were those of Bond 007

Jesada visit to the Technical Museum was a great adventure and discovery for us how exotic Asian automotive world.

In the second hall we found another unique pieces and motors, a lot of wonderful bikes and children's toys, I told you, że National Automobile!

If you will come to Bangkok is worth a one-day trip to Jesada Technik Museum, the more, that lurk around the corner buses, planes and submarines and close to Dragon Temple – What Samphran.