Wat Samphran in search of a Thai dragon

Our third visit in Thailand marked two goals: eat soup with a hell of a sharp river tram stop – that is, once again lost in Bangkok and see “prohibited” temple of the Dragon – około 60 km from the city.

When developing plans Maciej yet discovered gem in the form of Jesada Technik Museum (full relationship appear in section Moto Muzea) – we were ready for the Land of Smile, Study Wyspa Ko Samui i Samui Festival Marathon&Trail 2019 It was completely random, and the way 😉

The plan dictated by experience was not overloaded, but it fits all, which we passed on the way, generally almost every day we get up before sunrise, but it was worth it and once again realized it 100%, Thailand encourages us!
September 2019: Thai life in the photographic glance – Numbers correspond to days.
8 outlet WRO - WAW - Doha

9 BKK and visits “our” miejsc
We drove to our favorite pub sidewalk noodle (visited the 3 years) and our eyes appeared certificate of the Red Michelin Guide and Information, that 2019 “restaurant” aspires to Michelin stars. We took our favorite pasta and tasted the same, in less than 8 zł with or without an asterisk. Such miracles happen only in BKK!

10 Jesada Technology Museum (travel by train 3 category) in 5 km spacer

Wat Samphran and planned over 10km walk interrupted by a wild journey on the motorku 3 people, rubber and locate us in a tangle of streets by “our” the driver, after repairing tires, zwiózł us that the temple itself. 70 km/h w 3 person on “pierdziawce” the way expressway – unforgettable!
Temple dragon is siedemnastokondygnacyjna building in pink color wrapped around a giant dragon, carcass is “tunnel”, which leads to the roof of the building with panoramic terraces. The entire complex is composed of many smaller temples and sculptures is the elephant, paw, rabbit and a giant Buddha, Temple Dragon Turtle, where you enter through the mouth and say, hmm we go out by the tail, ubiquitous dragons… Wat Samphran missing in Thai guides, no one wants to mention about this place and it is taboo.

11 Trip to Coral Island – Koh LARN i Tawae Beach
Trips around Poland with BKK 120 km do Pattaya (Riviera paradise ladyboy) and then by boat to the island and leżig, plażing, nicnierobing.

12 Travel by bus and boat to Koh Samui / seat reservation with sunsets

13 Walk to the harbor and on the bike tour wysypy

14 Changing the location closer to the launch and reception of packets / briefing

15 Trail
Photo. Samui Festival Marathon&Trail 2019

16 Winning book tours and change the location of houses on the beach of Lamai

17 Trip to Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan and snorkel in Ao Muang. Lookout Tower in total, tropical downpour. The islands are a national park areas, However, the reef is heavily damaged.

18 Walk to rocks Hin Ta and Hin Ya (Grandma and Grandpa) Any interpretation

Ratchathammaram Wat / Temple Wat Sila Ngu temple with red clay. The complex also gold pagoda imported from Sri Lanka, cemetery and another temples.

Statue of Guan Yu, Liu commander in the service of Beia, recognized after the death of the god protecting the Chinese Empire and its people. Monument and the temple founded by the Chinese community.

19 change location – 13 km spacer do Surat Thani,

Wat Phra Yai i Big Budda (12-meter gold Buddha). Temple complex built on the small island of Koh Farn, connected with the dike Samui. The stairs are guarded by mythological serpent called Naked.

Wat Plai Laem great temple complex. Posąg Guanyin, Chinese goddess of mercy and compassion, who has 18 arms – Thailand is also known, very Phra Mae Kuan Im.

20 USM outlet – BKK – DOH – WAW – WRO