Samui Festival Marathon&Trail 2019

Photo. Samui Festival Marathon&Trail 2019

I wondered and I must admit, I'm not able to describe the race, emotions, experience and fatigue that accompany us. I do not want to do it – Samui Trail 35k is our adventure, I will try to recount only the technical side of the jungle przełaju.
We ran to the hell and heaven finiszowaliśmy, it was not all data…
Fot.Samui Festival Marathon&Trail 2019

Samui Festival Marathon&Trail on our speed dating took last year. The festival was held marathon, half-marathon, ten and five, and organized for the first time trail – 30k. We fell in love garishly colored T-shirts, Maciek was determined to find the trail I wanted to run a marathon.

Patiently we waited half a year to date and announced the program of the festival 2019. We were surprised by some changes, the most important concerned the liquidation of the marathon distance and modification of TRAIL. The route was extended to 35 km and changed place expo, The start and finish of Naton – port in the center of the Hin Lad – waterfalls bit more off the beaten track. Despite this, we decided, we're going, We fired up and leave the planning machine started.

12 September following 7 hours on the bus and over 3 the ship landed on the island of Koh Samui. Reception packages planned in conjunction with a mandatory briefing 14 September at 16. Nie, not “Lamka caught fire warning” outside, organizer that advertise the presence of the briefing due to the fact that the course is very difficult. Difficult it is difficult, know we run through the jungle and mountains, it will not be easy.

I was not surprised compulsory equipment, only I wondered what gloves are recommended? then, while running, I grabbed the thorny liana and wiped his hands on hard stones and bamboo, I mentioned them bitterly.
Photo. Orgnizator

we picked up, a little crazy about packages – bag, start number, singlet and coupons for cooling spray and gel. We were confused where and what, hardly anyone spoke English and it was definitely not an international course.

Binding lasted 45 minutes and did not understand a word.
Photo. Samui Festival Marathon&Trail 2019

Then it is nice, because the commander took the two of us and explained everything to us in 5 minutes.
Photo. Samui Festival Marathon&Trail 2019

The route is marked with orange markers, that part of the “night” to glare, we stick to them.

At issue was the start of the route profile and nutritional km points, where is the water, food and control the given time in which we have to fit. On puntach will control us the numbers to mark the presence of. Dot. You have to be an hour before the start, because the equipment will be checked.
Photo. Samui Festival Marathon&Trail 2019

still I am thinking, that awaits us walk, because announcements and information were standard gear for mountain, and not for connections with racing przeszkodowymi the unusually long – 35 km distance!