Running Zero Waste

Plogging!!! Running in the fight for clean world – an overview of the initiatives that accompany biegom, which to choose.

Cambodia, there is no pavement, asphalt, but trash bins are!

So, this charming “pot” This made tire bucket (with lid!) trash. Soon, We are revisiting our favorite Thailand. Information on the run, in which we will participate shocked me, I think no one has yet dared to such an initiative during the event!
Photo. Samui Festival Marathon & Trail

During the competition the person, which made additional registration for the event will receive a bag to collect trash and gloves. At the finish they give the bag in a specially prepared in accordance with clause and instead get gadgets country skiing!
In Poland, it will not pass, but I'm waiting for the first brave cross-country competition organizer, who will take the gauntlet. We are racing, time counts and not the full bag!
And some examples:
♻️ Remember that the Patagonian International Marathon is an event free of disposable cups!
Don’t forget to bring your own bottle or source of hydration, since you won’t find any cups at the Aid Stations along the route!
Photo. Patagonian International Marathon

Home French Riviera Marathon Nice-Cannes tab contains a special eco-marathon, where you can find information on the Zero Waste policy during marathon.
Since 2013, the French Riviera Marathon Nice-Cannes has obtained the label Agenda 21 “Sustainable development, Sport is committed”.
French Riviera Marathon Nice-Cannes
Substantially, abroad is the norm, that every self-respecting major organizer (albo i nie) cross-country event informs about the activities of pro-environmental.
And I will add on the sidelines, that from 1 June 2019 Tanzanian government has banned plastic bags bring in tourists to the country.

Tanzania already 2017 she began the war with a disposable plastic, banning the production and distribution of plastic bags across the country.