pink walnięci – The Color Run Hero Tour!

I was thinking about competing in this race but in Italy and exactly in Turin. Color dizziness and museum Fiat or could be nicer? The plans were only plans to continue indefinitely.

In the meantime, the course came to Polish. With interest I checked and I broke the conditions for price. to 5 km, even the most colorful, Package price was astronomical and counting for two people (because a couple commits) it flew through the galaxy!

I saw, I decided, I forgot.

We signed up for another course in this period, We talked with friends about the obscene price, when unexpectedly I won a starting package. In addition, it was a consolation prize, nice.

I do not translate from participation in the CRP but I want to stress, not kupilibyśmy package prices offered by the organizer.
Run in a skirt and in disguise for us is not new, but it falls or being on the wrong side of the four obsypywanym be colored powder and race with the unicorn? We decided to take a chance, protected against the "evil eye", running a mandatory T-shirts packet sizes are terrifying and X. Safety pins wrapped in plastic bags rocked me!

At the beginning it was still quiet. Queues to lottery, partition, scene, Extracting volunteers medals.

But before starting place already started “coloring”. uncontrolled (really?) bursts with color bags, Children floating dry the powder spilled on the sidewalk, unexpected attacks suddenly and earthing. We had a start scheduled for the second wave but the time passed quickly on the observation of other participants.

Pobiegliśmy, the first fire – gate with pink. Then the well-known route on the ramparts at the Olympic Stadium were even inflatable, obstacle of some colored foam and “bram” powder.
By far the largest children had jolly good time and admired them, so bravely overcome 5 km.

We also had a pretty good, you can try color, corn powder, but probably only once in a lifetime. We entered the finish, we got the medal and we had to quickly rush to the next gear.

The organizers prepared the race and have fun concert and further earthing colored powders. Generally, everyone was happy and it was probably the happiest race in which I participated, all smiling!

Green has been with us for a long time, not only us… I hope, that the colors do not run, and all received the correct dose of powder.