6. Sobótczańska Bonart Ten Night

Medal was again the tempter, handmade, unique.
Photo. Krzysztof Tatrocki

This year in September are not running “połówki” within Ślężański Running Festival, so we opted for a new event for us – Nighttime Sobótczańską Decade. I was happy, that the start is scheduled for an hour 20.00, but as the temperature was far too high for fast running.

We have received a starter package in the hall of the stadium ŚOKSiR walk and went to market, which traditionally takes place start, a meta & Decoration.

Route me a little scared, two twisted loops, podbiegi i zbiegi. Get bored and the more you can not fall asleep!

The crowd at the start not thickened, turnout was very enjoyable – took off 279 osób w tym 33 (exceptionally) couples. Within the competitions held for Polish Championship in Married Couples on the Run 10 km – and what is important rewarded 6 the fastest pairs.
We started the first circle and ran zapoznawczo, I tried not to worry about the heat and use the advantages of asphalt. Biegłam, and people are looking on the route shouted to me, że jestem 9 kobietą.
Photo. Krzysztof Tatrocki

at the halfway point, have run the start / finish line and grabbed the water probably never even so it does not greedily drank. On the second loop I ran conservatively podbiegi, I tried to speed up the coincidences. Granted, that I did not give all of yourself, a fugitive gave up to the finish concert, it could run much faster, how many pairs of legs.

I went to get water and Maciek greeted at the finish. I checked the results 1 w kategorii wiekowej. Unfortunately we took too 7 in pairs marriage, behind the podium. We heaved a sigh and went to eat a meal regenerative. The Rules recorded, the scenery from the 22 a lot of time and we had to wait but the original statue was worth it.
Photo. Krzysztof Tatrocki

The advantage of gear in Sobotka is definitely for us proximity and good access. The organization is good, on the route you can always count on the local doping, the atmosphere is good and runs in Sobotka. We will try to come back in a year on 7 Sobótczańską Bonart Nighttime Decade.
10k: 00:47:23 (K40 1) in 00:49:40