4. Bieg Oborygena

This year we had to let go Run Oborygena, tempted us lizard.

Besides Oborygena run of the first edition and would be a shame to miss the run.
In this way Saturday did very speed, because the plan was to start within Zachowicach Running Grand Prix Commune Katy Wroclawskie – kąckich trail lions, a trip to the manure did niepalnowanym madness.

Traditionally we left earlier, We parked on our favorite parking lot and picked up a rich packages. We waited to start the run and felt on their own skin as the temperature rises. In Oborygenii it is always hot, very hot.

Crowds of friends resulted in record attendance.
We took off and started. I did not want to fight, I stood a little further at the start and it was a mistake. I pushed the first kilometer, I tore up the pace and wkurzałam. then, as usual, I was surprised route, sand and hills. Every year I, is not that a little and start every wonder, it is so hard. This year was by far the hardest thing for me, He suffered miserably, I was far too hot. I comforted by the fact, that I not only unclaimed on the route and likened the pain of the other girls.
Photo. Pro-Run

Apparently the forest gave a little shade. Wreszcie meta, That `s nothing, I ran the minute worse than last year.
Photo. Pro-Run

Medal, woda, fruits and regenerative meal and unexpectedly 3 miejsce w kategorii, and that the space is not duplicated officially I landed on 2, and finally…

Definitely I like to compete in the Run Oborygena and bother route. We made the right decision and I am very happy, once we arrived 4, at least for the year will be able to celebrate the round anniversary. Another motivator is great fitting gear and wonderful graphics, consistent, introduced at each element in a given year: bag, medal, shirt, awards. And only one small but, medals are shrinking at an alarming rate. This year was a little hopefully for the year was not micro.

10,4K: 00:51:20 (2 K40) in 00:54:30