Bicycle Rally Lake Bielawskie

Photo. Organizer

We like biking, for several years the most important three Toury hard and watch a good while having fun.

mix colors: pink, yellow and red, sometimes red dots.

Of course, we go on bike, a recreational, Finally, the time came for our first bike ride. Participation in it was specifically planned as part of the training before the competition “tri”.

We decided to Bicycle Rally Lake Bielawskie, will:
dystans 50 km,
bunch 40 uczestników,
difficulty level – easy,
organizer assured: group accident insurance, tour guide, reflective vests for the duration of the rally, a hot meal - fire with sausages and water and beverages
route seemed to us to be interesting

The rally was subsidized with Measures Municipality Swidnica, Participants do not pay.
We drove and drove. First 10 We passed km of exploring cycling, to 15 km was a break for rest, then the next 10 km excited we because of the slow pace. Sometimes we drove more slowly than run fast and we decided to return individual.
Lake Bielawski competitions were played triathlons, it is a sign! Next week we will contend with three konkurencjami, For us first start in this type of competition. Bicycles come true. We can do it! I must admit, that the 44 I started to feel tired km, But definitely more tiring running.
Photo. Organizer

And so it was not, I am starting on a white steed, and this is not a Pinarello Dogma F12 (new bike Ineos Team), będzie się działo!