Half Marathon Karkonosze

We run trails of the Giant Mountains, Karkonosze or Half Marathon.
Photo. Marcin Gidaszewski

The plan as of July always looks the same – run a half marathon in the mountains. Jizera last year discouraged me refurbished trails and hopeless resurfaced, hence the decision could only be one – There does not run, and yet that was not given to us to compete in the marathon Karkonoskie, This quickly made the decision.
Szklarska Poreba do not like as a village, crowds of tourists and total lack of climate and to this perennial problem of parking. My discontent deepened fact, that the loss of the run took place in the afternoon, This is only a problem with parking the and hopefully not with access, and which it is so complicated and unfriendly due to road repairs to Bolkow.
We went apprehensive, access was in the normal range and there were no problems on the way. On the spot as I expected – our favorite parking lot was busy, but we managed to park nearby - after a conversation with "the boss" and payment 20 zł. It was not that bad.
walk went (1,8 km) office competition, ie the bottom lift station to Szrenica SudetyLift. It was loud and crowded. Hoarse voice announcer announced wbiegających finishers at the finish of ultramaratonu. We received starter packs, exchanged experiences with friends and gear waited at the finish line for ultras. The voltage wypatrywaliśmy friends, ran tired but in the limit! congratulations, I would not dare – 58 km is far too much!

The time passed quickly and after “thin” warm-up, heat induced, we set at the start. And colorful crowd – as he put it announcer moved to the mountains. Once strong akcentempod up and so over the next 7 km.
Trasa: Lolobrigida downhill -Schronisko the Łabskim Summit - Snow Boilers -Mokra Pass - red trail in the direction of Szrenica - Hall Szrenicka - road transport - (recurrence)- Hall Szrenicka - Wet Wet-Pass Road -Schronisko the Łabskim Summit - downhill Lolobrygida - Lower lift station on Szrenica.
Photo. Marcin Gidaszewski

It was not easy climbing and annihilated me but probably only me…
Photo. Marcin Gidaszewski

Where the fugitive must be ascent and, so I knew, nawrotce after that will be a big hill. With hope in his voice, I asked whether the passing runner is the last hill – reply – error and. Was not!
On the way back were rock, wooden platforms and then already known 7 km w dół do mety. I sold out and I was Mijana and basically formed the group of, we passed out several times on the route exchanging pleasantries. Gdzieś na 3 km before the finish past me once again and the boy cry: który to już raz?
I answered, that the last, because I did not catch up to the finish line. And so it was. I ran to the finish happy, it was the end and that fit in 2.30, byłam 30 kobietą. Na mecie medal, woda, watermelons and the pool from which strayed. I heard a congratulations and thanks for “a common course” it was a pleasure. I ate a delicious tomato with rice and looked for Maciek. Ran, was pissed, strange – because he was smiling all the time on the road!
Photo. Marcin Gidaszewski

Ogarnęliśmy quickly and the parking poczłapaliśmy. Our adventure with mountains in July ended.
It was biegowo, specifically and climate. Runners do not disturb each route, “kijkarze” as usual, me and pissed me one twice “stabbed” but still ran well. The organization was flawless and 3 points on the route sufficient nutrients. We had our own skins and gels, so we did not use the nutritional aspects (I saw bars, banany, Coke, wodę) only water for irrigation.

Difficult hike but lookout, Karkonosze recommend Half Marathon and for the brave ultra marathon, or 57,5 km.

21K: 02:27:53 (8 K40) in 02:41:35