CITY TRAIL onTour _2019

We started – as usual in the summer edition CITY TRAIL, that is nothing new. The weather also did not surprise, Like every year, it was hot and dry.
Photo. Philip Gomułkiewicz

New, but there was only an old route, probably drawn from two starts in the winter cycle after the miraculous restoration field in the Bois Osobowicki, which has now become a very unfriendly place for recreation. Quicker and far friendlier for runners, for now is a problem for me. I'm used to the old route, my body also, and yet I can not move in new directions, especially on the long straight 4 km bad for my head and then I can not "fire" finish.

This year TRAIL CITY ontour for us was the specific, I did not run for a month. We took Labe after the marathon before the start and hit me nervous, because I knew, I'm not ready. I kept telling myself, that as long as to reach the finish line but anxiety grew. On-site traditionally we met lots of friends and it was nice to exchange experiences of holiday activities cross-country skiing.
Finally, the start and I had the original plan as always - run as fast as he, and then we'll see. Two kilometers poszyły smoothly, I was even pleasantly cool I will not say, forest giving shade. For the half began to fight and the last 1,5 km I ran very hard. I had enough of everything to the finish fell into the red, Panting and dripping from the eyes of mroczkami.

But I got it, I felt the wind back in the sails, I can and I want to run, fight. I am very pleased with the course. At my current form without running out of the mold 2 miejsce w kategorii. Now you have to get on with the training and wait for the winter cycle ad schedule - as appointments podpasują this fight in the Forest Osobowicki, Finally, you need to exploit the potential of high-speed routes.
5K: 00:22:33 (K40 II) in 00:23:40