Tracing the course of the Horse

This year, we are catching up on all races postponed, secret list of marathons and races promised. For this race I've been waiting for three years, finally we did not run the world, or Poland and we could start almost at home in the garden, Partynice literally trace Horse Race.
Photo. Leon Dubij

Distance: insane – 4,2 km, ie two circles on the horse racetrack. And this is the whole difficulty of the course, grass absorbs energy, does not rebound and you have to put more power in every movement. Partynice already ran very pleasantly wspominanym Night Marathon relay race organized by the Piast Piast WKB and running a Christmas and we knew, it will not be easy.
The grass was higher than expected and the weather has made their. from overcome 42 km Kilimanjaro Marathon I have problems with thermoregulation, I think there is too much overheated and now running on hot days makes me trouble, and so always I liked to run in the heat…
Photo. Leon Dubij

Racecourse was like a big frying pan, no shadow, even a small tree or bush. I had a plan for this race but the form and the possibility of quickly verified the assumptions. During the race I put a second wheel run faster but I lost interest. I counted the girl at the front and gave up, even at the finish I not made fighting. Z 4 women at the finish line did a 6 in 2 w kategorii wiekowej. I can forgive me ahead of 10 seconds and finish strong 100 meters before the finish line, because the winner of the category was the kindest Dorothy on behalf of the organizers.
Photo. Leon Dubij

Course did not go my way, I was angry and dissatisfied with wyniu like never before. Extremely quite a long wait for the presentation of trophies, because trades were connected with the Olympic picnic and a whole lot of activities for kids. With the passage of time and emotions fell as decoration winners me laugh, that after a bad impression there was no trace of even a horse.

4,2K: 00:19:28 in 00:19:36 (2 K40)