Smolecka (for)orifice

It was our first time on (for)Dyszce, We finally fit term and decided to see how runs in Smolec.

Afternoon start me a bit nervous, waiting all day and "short circuit" at the end of the day, This is not something I like. The weather was good as usual on the run, but the organizers wisely took care of two points on the water 10 km route and a water curtain.
Photo. Smolecka (for)orifice

We have received packets and their size in surprise, linen bags were stuffed to the brim with all good things, sweets from local labels and charming with tags (for)orifice.
We could not rid themselves of the lions, everywhere they were full of them, eagerly handing out five.

After greetings, which was not the end, many friends ran, zgotowanej warm-up by coach functional training, the passions which come, came the start time.
Photo. Andrew Szczot

I read the regulations before enrolling on the course, but this time did not pay attention, the count time gross. Rather, everywhere it is already standard, that is taken to the classification of net time. I not pushed to the beginning, Maciek stood much further. We set, and I route I followed with interest, I have never ran in Smolec. For the first time ever I run conservatively, "I do not know what lurks around the corner", moreover, the weather a little boil me - more than I expected. Finally, a meta - time, well if you do not train, This should not expect good running. No need to complain, because I was 12 a woman at the finish and 4 w swojej kategorii, of 3 However, a lot of places I had not.

At the finish line to me quite unexpectedly he gave me a medal perpetrator of all this confusion, I was very pleasantly surprised by the gesture, thank you Kamila.
Finally, you can indulge in a picnic atmosphere, lie on the grass, wonderful cool drink, honey, natural izotoniku and eat delicious pea soup with plate. Celebrating with friends skiing holiday in Smolec, and who it was, sports activities because the residents is huge: cross-country training, functional, football team and support each other (I keep my fingers crossed for the implementation of plans Ela!). He fell attendance record, which does not surprise me, But crowds do not bother and everyone had a place for themselves.

The tour is interesting, loop, varied and undulating. With pleasure, if the term will fit, I'll face it next year. You can see the involvement of residents, their work for the course, enthusiastically they cheered and rejoiced with us. At times it reminded me of a Marathon du Medoc in France, where residents are turning out in droves for the race route, They cheer and play with runners and see, they have this much fun and jolly good. Such positive cross-country fun and madness, and not only gripes, the run again, road closed to the forest and the best and not to destroy his feet on the asphalt, rare in Poland. I'm glad, I discovered them as close to Wroclaw – in Smolec.

10K: 00:46:00 (4 K40) in 00:48:30