Run for charity Oliver

We had not planned to run, we did not want to run after a tedious cross-country route in the Park Grabiszyński, However, Oliver decided to assist parents in the purchase of prostheses. What counts is not our goal “fanaberie” cross country.
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run Firmowy_2019

Relay, 5 people from the company (or necessarily), rod and 5 km (OK, almost).
Photo. Christina

I najważniejsze: HELP
This year we ran for Wroclaw:
MICHAEL Cymerman
ADAM rat
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Half Marathon Sowie Mts

I should write, that I did not go running, I am disappointed and pour out grievances, or blame everything on the weather, malaise and lack of aurora borealis. None of these things. Of course I'm happy, was magically.
Photo. Half Marathon Sowie Mts

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