Run for charity Oliver

We had not planned to run, we did not want to run after a tedious cross-country route in the Park Grabiszyński, However, Oliver decided to assist parents in the purchase of prostheses. What counts is not our goal “fanaberie” cross country.

“Run for charity Oliver” He went perfectly: pogoda dopisała, route was “premiere” different than usual, runners turning up the crowd kilometers nabijając help.

For me it was a good race. For most of the route I was accompanied by a young player team Decathlon, I was nervous at first and then got used to the company. Before the finish got the accelerator and raced to the finish, I ran into the finish as the second woman. I'm glad, that “your backyard” They are running out of the podium.

5K: 00:21:25 (II OPEN) in 00:21:44