Riese Trail Half Marathon Training

I was thinking about participation in the marathon Trail Riese. Few Saturday we were running, Finally, the weather had turned the valley so we opted for the official training run along the route.
Photo. Mariusz

To train appeared a worthy group of runners, rather ultras because stories about 100 km in the mountains dominated during the run. We started with Głuszyca (ul.Leśna) and just so-so 10 km we ran through Osówka, Casino finally counted 3 km to the confluence Włodarz. She saved us rather its gate closure. Collectively we decided to come back and 3 km had donated.

As previously announced, the organizer of the route is more difficult than in Jedlina. On the route there are several “surprises”.
Photo. Mariusz

It was interesting, a good workout in good company made – czego chcieć więcej.
We returning met less, more influenza and individual runners – They were moving on the road. Because the temperature was glad, that we took at 9 before noon and already finished.
Photo. WRC

Bieg polecam “for Dummies”, for those who did not run, worth exploring a new route. We will be happy to go for a subsequent training, cross-country trips in the Owl Mountains, competition does not necessarily, However, because it is quite another run.