run Firmowy_2019

Relay, 5 people from the company (or necessarily), rod and 5 km (OK, almost).
Photo. Christina

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This year we ran for Wroclaw:
MICHAEL Cymerman
ADAM rat

And I'm glad, the course of the year and is growing more and more teams running.
Łatwo nie było, This time surprised me the weather rather my lack of adaptation to temperature. Fortunately, most of the route was shaded. Maciek was changing and looked for him in the crowd of runners rushing into the zone changes. The baton went smoothly in my hands. On the way, of course, do not miss me overtaking, bypassing, but I came to no major “congestion” and problems.
Photo. Christina

Time for me is not very important in this race, however, it is measured so you have to be reckoned with. In line with this year's trend that was my slowest start with existing corporate Racing, However, there was no shame.
Photo. Bieg Firmowy

The activity and a healthy lifestyle through sports and running

Integration and cooperation within companies and industries

Helping others through charitable activities

5K: 00:21:55