Classic Remise Berlin

Berlin surprised us

the amount of the classic Mini in the streets!

We counted the wheel 10 Mini, parked most of the most famous shopping street, with large department stores and boutiques. Despite the bad weather, all kinds of classic move in the streets of Berlin and for us it was a pleasure to look at these beautiful cars. The legs themselves led us to the mecca that is, cars with soul Classic Remise.

opened in 2003 in a converted tram depot Remise is a garage, workshop, club, meeting center enthusiasts and lovers of the broader automotive industry. It is open 7 days a week and experience and watching is free. I was surprised by the number of Berliners and visitors, with interest who viewed cars, Remise visit families.

Beautifully prepared Admire beautiful cars: garażujące, put up for sale, and restored in the workshops, Sport stables and buried under the covers most valuable classic morsels.

I was surprised because Italian Moto remise reigns with my beloved bulls: Espada, Countach i Diablo SE30.

Parks also known traveler's car

I missed the historic BMW and Porsche, where are?

Had Germany rational loved the magic of Italian temperament and Pininfarina?

Classic Remise Berlin on the map is a must, worth a visit to the neighbor's garage, especially as it is so big and well-kept.