Airport Night Run

Much fun at BER to run, or waste after running a mega airport.

This course had a long list, Finally the time came, to him from the plot. We came to Berlin on the day of receipt of package, You can only do this the day before, before the race. In the sports shop in the center, near the zoo accumulate a large crowd. It is not surprising queues, runners announced over 6800.

I have not waited and start number and the chip was our return. The package consisted of a deposit bag and even a candy bar, shirt was additionally paid.

13 Night after running the Berlin airport dropped 13 April, there were no bad luck, except for the cool winter weather and the snow, including pleading.

We ran a few night shift and they are never easy, you need to survive all day in anticipation of the start and eat with the head, not to have severe abdominal. After such a start behind the house is even more difficult, kilometers in his legs from sightseeing (our traditional way of exploring new places are the feet), anything to eat and at the end of the sentence on the collective communication to get to the start. We left the hotel much too early, but also to reach the start was not littered with bears.

First, two kilometers to the railway station, then 40 minute drive to the airport, further transfer to a special bus, which linked runners at the start of the built / BER airport nieoddanym. Welcomed us with tents and arctic cold. There was nowhere to hide, terminal closed and freezing so good two hours.

We had a plan to hide in the toi toi, because there were a lot of them, but we managed to lurk on a lounger! a tent in one of the sponsors. As I have already stopped to feel the hands and feet and my nose started to fall it's time to warm up. We gave things to the deposit and tried to smarten fossilized limbs, I felt only on foot 3 km run. Start took place in front of the main entrance, clearly marked area, wide street. We took off on time. I ran and looked around. The route led first terminal near the length and breadth, the sleeves then ran out on the taxiway and runway. Zawijasy, pętle, the wind blowing in your face and in the back, we ran a pleasant little intersection of routes – you had to watch out for other runners and 11 km were again at the start – second loop, already without additional kilometer on the runway.

On the route of the crowds of runners, also he competed for us “Dycha” and relay. Two punty drinking skipped (to 6 in 13 km) I could not cram. I took a few sips before the 17 km, it was cold water and luckily I did not need that much, two gels enough. Only two kilometers before the finish we ran into the terminal, which shielded us from the wind. I was going to accelerate but somehow did not work out. At the finish line it was 22 kobietą i 3 K40. Maciek already waiting for me, We went to pick up a deposit, chip we returned and entered in a regeneration zone. Everyone had access to it and crammed full of the drinks, bananas and beer was no mean feat. Only there was no water queues. We managed to reach the banana and a cup of juice and went to lie in wait for the bus. We waited, the crowd thickened, Again we were freezing. Finally the bus arrived and took place in another competition dopchaniu to the door and boarding. It worked and compressed, after repeated summonses to the driver to leave the vehicle after suspension runners behind the vehicle because the door can not close, we moved. Now it was downhill, 15 minutes waiting on the queue and walk to the hotel. Well before 23 We finished the race day.

The experience was interesting. Forgotten how demanding and “difficult for the head” They are running around the airport, very weary monotony. After Vera ran a little differently, other runners, acting within sight of the airport gave a unique atmosphere. Good organization with a small but at the buffet after the race zone and buses and in general I would recommend this course. Concrete runway, equal asphalt roads make, that you can spread your wings.
21K: 01:40:45 in 01:43:30 (K40 3)