VII Halfmarathon Jeleniogórski

two medals, and even three!

To run and cycle Runner's Super Cross was trying out several times already, always something or “data” not that this year managed to start in the marathon Jelenia Gora.
We came to the place as usual before, without problems parked near the start / finish line – Spa Park in Cieplice. It was to be intimate, However, the crowds thickened and starting list had more than 500 people, They dominated the local runners.

The weather was thinking, However, the proximity of the mountains gave coolness. Half-marathon route similar to Ślężański in full sun with the asphalt podbiegami. We took backpacks with wineskins, I do not want to be dependent on the water punks organizers, it was a very good decision. I find it hard to tell if I missed the water on the route, points were 3, we were independent, we used the water when we wanted and stopped on route. We started and counting, as the organizers advertised the course with views of the mountains and not miscalculated!
Snow-capped peaks of almost the whole time we were accompanied by. Beautifully ran. I did not know the route, I did not know how many and where they are podbiegi, so I tried to enjoy views rather than focus on the run.

I ran well, like the last times. The tour was a surprise, coincidences and podbiegi, but not as “finishing” as Ślężański. Concurrence to the finish and the unpleasant last kilometer flat, shaking up the Spa Park – I could not wait to finish, I had no strength to finish strong. Do 10 I km 5 a woman then it was worse and worse. Na mecie zameldowałam się jako 11 kobieta i 3 (but 2) K40. The result makes me very happy, because Africa still makes itself felt, and I find it hard “run fast”.

Course I loved it, good organization and very beautiful, varied route. I want to come back next year on the course with mountain views. I must admit, This half-marathon that I like more than Slezanski, damage, it is far away from Wroclaw.
21K: 01:47:24 (2 K40) in 01:49:46