CITY TRAIL closing ceremony

We were not planning to participate in the gala, but
Photo. Tomasz Pawlicki

season 2018/2019 He has done for me “block”, so we went to pick it up.

In the first four races I was the first, although the form was falling and the times were getting worse, I secured the first place in the age category. In fifth gear we ended up second place, sometimes weak, although apparently the route was fast and the last start skipped.
Photo. Peter Oleszak

not write, we did, I honestly running out of this place. Jestem zadowolona, because the competition is growing and it is becoming increasingly difficult. The new route I like, I would like to be in the form of personal best and run there but whether we will start next season, see.
Gala for runners turned into a tribute to the organizers and their self-admiration, some of this was too much. And to even complain, graphics on the memorial “Klocke” as every year, he was in black colors, but “burial” atmosphere intensified by two black ravens / crows. It was enough to give the medal woodpecker, moreover very successful.