12. PANAS Półmaraton Ślężański

I will not:
– He complained about the weather – for us it was just in time,
– and the lack of training runs, – from 24.02 we ran a marathon and only 10 km,
we just have not yet returned from Tanzania, we were somewhere under the Kilimanjaro, because 12. Halfmarathon Ślężański we ran slower than the previous two.
Photo. Margaret Active Swidnica

Honestly, I preferred when I fell out of Slezanski Half Marathon crown. The atmosphere was better, those who came to enjoy this race, and not collectors. I understand and I know the organizers, that “Being on the list” it is important for them, because headdress returned kings and crowds of runners.
We drove much earlier, respectively we parked, We picked up packages and even took advantage of the “motivational pictures”, to be captured to the big screen on 17 km trasy. Do you help me, probably not, but at least I saw them.

Wiedzieliśmy, it will be summer, sun and only 3 points water. Zastanawiałam się, or not to take the bottle 500 ml of water, I had it with me until the start. I knew, that after I drink willingly Tąpadła, and the organizers did not foresee there water.

Pobiegliśmy, first, somewhere 3 km individual upset me on a bike, which I arrived and pushed his way through the crowd of runners. then from 4 I counted km kilometers to the water, that was on 7,5 km, route all the time was in full sun. Runners started to cook, I saw resign shoulder and back towards the start. I was not too hot, I ran freely, pace of training. They pass for not speeding downhill, I knew, He is waiting for the worst 5 km before the finish line. The carriage is raging Sady, for me it is the most boring part of the route. 4 training (December – February), which he ran and gave so little – This route is always hurts the same. I survived.

He overtook me Maciek, I did not want to fight, before me were the last two hills and the most hated section of the route. Biegłam, I passed these, what went. Meta.
Photo. Edi Marciniak

We took the meal as comets and quickly marched into the car and drove home.
And if it was not 12 Half Marathon Ślężański, I have thought, that's unfortunate 13.
For me, this half-marathon no atmosphere. Much more better running trainings, where the group on tour, to greet runners, Friends sometimes driving the car, and will add strength pokrzyczą.

The second time I promise myself, that the course did not I sign, We will see how 2020. Workouts definitely yes, competition not.
I think, that the organizers should make a point of water, knowing what the temperature is announced. First on the water 7,5 km was far too late. Knowing the shape of the route it would be best to give the point 4-5 km, then another for filing. I knew, where the irrigation punty, I knew, that for me it will be enough, consciously made a decision, that I use in water and its organizers do not take. I knew, that there is no nutritional points, I had my gels. However, although I am not a believer crown, participation in it undertakes. And with all the great sympathy for the organizers should react sobótczańskich gear, not give up routine, add a point to consider with water and at least one point from the sugar cubes on the, at any rate, mountain road.
21K: 01:46:24 in 01:48:15 (15 K40)