Dycha z Górką

Truly Polish relationship – I was not, I ran but did not utter a.

I knew, that the course 5 days after arrival is not a good idea. However, tempted by a beautiful medal collection last year we decided to save.
At the weekend everything was not: Family turmoil, my form and well-being. I decided, But that will not take part in the race. I needed time to breathe after marathon, to recover and get my bearings running in my head again. Participation in competitions, difficult route and two wheels it was not what I needed. Only the weather was favorable. one gear, two faces and only me on the shoulder with a picture 2019.
Photo. Oborygeni

Maciej decided to get tired and took podbiegami. He admitted, he forgot how hard route. without training, Running for two weeks, the jet lag he ran better than last year.

“Dycha z Górką” This running event well prepared and typed the calendar of 15 marca 2020, I'll try to face the hill and perhaps take part in training. I really like to run in Oborniki, because they are Oborygeni “strong group”, well organized and have beautiful costumes club, which invariably envy them!

Photo. Oborygeni

10K: 00:58:19