Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Marathon

Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Marathon since the beginning of the adventure was running three marathons in my dreams. Africa, however, painfully verified my ideas,

because how else can determine when the marathon 13 km have wall?

Immediately before the race went on 4 the whole day safari because we missed the celebration przedmaratońska. From the beginning, we had a problem with the receipt of package organizers several times changed the date and time of receipt. In the end, we start numbers took us to the hotel manager More Than A Drop, which thank you very much. We chose the hotel because of the ideal location of 300 meters of office and professions 1,2 km from the start / finish line, who were at the stadium. But this is not in our stadium / European / Western sense. In Tanzania, the stadium does not have a treadmill, or prepared substrate, This packed earth with stones that burns in the foot. This is Africa

We left the hotel and pleasant 27 We walk the steps we went to start. It was still dark. Scheduled to start 6.45, after sunrise, once it is light. For us at least two hours late, and the deadly sun when he appears on the sky quickly raises the temperature and practically to the west is at its zenith.
The crowds thickened, and we could enjoy the skiing town. Tents with beer sponsor gear, grates and grills on which burned the entire goat shanks, heap of whole chicken carcasses also for baking. This is Africa
The atmosphere was very friendly, we saw a lot of white, however, they prevailed "natives". It ran even two or three albinos and I must admit, they are doing an electrifying impression. It's hard to describe, for me look like "aliens". One thumb was cut off,, because in Tanzania they are still very "peculiar" treated.

Start took place punctually, we ran from the stadium to the streets of Moshi. The route is short 10 km down, 21 km uphill, 10 km down and 2 km uphill to the finish. One word slaughter. I of 13 km wall and I fought for every kilometer, a million times trying to go down the route. This is the worst and most difficult marathon course which overcame, I ran because I did not.
The views were amazing, whole 21 km accompany us view Kilimanjaro, that day the mountain was wonderfully visible, sparkling in the sun, without even a cloud in the foothills. We ran the route among coffee plantations, bananas, villages. In most was asphalt, but there were also sections of beaten earth and very uneven concave.
And a few sentences explain: We not ran with a camera, phone or camera, hence we only have pictures from official race photographers, well, that grabbed a couple.
Far too rarely been water points, what 4 – 5 km at this temperature and the sun in your face, or rather the top of the head.

First 10 km we even ran well, although the first water 5 km and another on 11 km served in cups rather than bottles made, that for me 13 km run is over. I was dehydrated, I got goose bumps and "deliry". We saw, the cups to pour water from bottles półtoralitrowych "Kilimanjaro" and a second point Maciej took the whole bottle and as was already running to the finish. At each point exchanged bottles, We drank from it and the polewaliśmy, without that I would not run over. Water lacked not only to us but also "natives", which we supported our inventory.

On the first point was also powdered sugar in bags - it looked like a portion of coca. I took one bag wisely, I worried about the state of gels, or not spoil while traveling in this heat. However, despite the extreme temperatures gels tough advice and saved the skin. I used up 4 during the entire marathon. Only on 30 km, we managed to catch the remnants of bananas and watermelons. More on the way nothing was prepared for runners. At some points, the water was also coca cola, I drank greedily, even after two cups. Well, her that we were not lacking, always a large portion of sugar.

From the ill-fated march began kilometer uphill. we beat 10 km w 50 minutes, 21 km w 2 hours. I sincerely want to go down the half, a chronic, however, continue. Do 30 km road only a few times a wypłaszczała and it's a very short sections, all the time, it was uphill and not so small in inches. For insiders imagine instead of less than two kilometers Pass Tąpadła Sobotka - 21 km this is just the challenge. Circle 28 km "ran down" the road to the banana plantations on the uneven ground and caught up with me further consequences of dehydration, calf cramps. Calf pain has already appeared several times before they pour water, back because of a medical and a cooling spray could only dream of. Now spasm was so strong, that little is not rolled, I stood. Slowly I moved on, the prize 30 km fruits were mentioned. From 32 km route was clearly tilted down, revived and even got wings and the pace leisurely circle 10 minutes per kilometer I could even run 5.30. Enjoy the long course was not given to me, again, because several times we had to climb, where he humbly walked up the hill and the last two kilometers it's pure masochism. Uphill, almost noon, to the crowd returning from the stadium, where you had to squeeze between a crying and cheerful company, overtake half of the finishers.

With Maciek split wheel 10 – 8 km before the finish line, It was slightly on the back, but again I had to rely on the organizers water, only at two points, I missed her again. However, I came to the finish, and only the gate of the stadium with maybe some 100 meters in front of the gate with the inscription ran Finish.
And it was not better, I got a medal in the bag and a handful 500 ml bottle of water. Koniec. There was no shadow, where you could sit, or lie down. I took off my shoes and I wandered burning his feet on the ground, bottles and other unidentified dirt and garbage. I found a little shade at the tent bands of one of the sponsors and making sure that I do not "zakosili 'shoes and looked for the coin Maciek. In the meantime, I received a few marriage proposals, I do not know how many goats as they gave me. Thankfully appeared barely Maciek 3 minutes later.

I missed the water, I drank very sparingly. I identified no medical tent, wepchaliśmy to lie down on the grass to the tent of some organization for sick children. Fortunately, we do not chased. We lay and magnificient with icing sugar, which I took the precaution 4 km. One small bag for two people.
not write, that thoroughly enjoyed the moment. The worst part was, it was noon and the sun burning, we wanted to wait out the heat from the sky, after an hour 13 we went to the hotel. The road was as shaded, I, however, I stopped with a piece of cardboard packaging for beer and so shrouded head. Front view had to be. Shower and another liters of water drunk have set us on the feet. After 16 we went from the hotel to the "center" for dinner at the supermarket Kilimanjaro (and how). Baked in deep oil dumplings with meat and our ala triangular donuts and beer only restored our life. Dream Kilimanjaro Marathon won like climbing to the top, never again.

Summary, I wondered several times whether we would like to prepare for a marathon, This result was better to. I, that can “urwałabym” of 10 minutes, I think I would sooner she could not. Byłam 39 kobietą na mecie, 6 in the category 29, came together 514 and just people 98 kobiet.
This is a very difficult route, BIEC non stop 21 km uphill is really very demanding, to that in this heat. I do not recommend Marathon, perhaps only the likes extreme challenges. This is Africa. Nothing is to be expected, I did not get the run, you want to eat it yourself, buy a roast chicken and fries or beer.

I did not mention about the people, marathon is a marathon and everywhere in the world powymieniasz the remarks of extending, the atmosphere was good. However, the natives keep your distance and chatting amongst themselves. We talked on the route with only one, the rest of the marathon was chatting among whites.
This is not a scenic route, However, she captivated me, wonderful and exotic Kilimanjaro is so large, it is a beautiful course to watch and spy Tanzanian life. They touched me the most children, which had a jolly good time with each authentic nailed Fridays.

In Moshi was stopped at the beginning of the movement, then ran up the street already among the normal bustle, Fortunately, traffic buses and trucks were not running the marathon route.
The rest of the Tanzanian experience will appear in the paper's Travels.

42km: 04:39:19 (K40 6) in 04:42:44