Safari is the best that can happen to you in Tanzania

There are many parks, reserves, virtually unlimited choice, however, I recommend opt for the biggest and most famous: Serengeti i Ngorogoro.

For us start began in Moshi, where a passenger car were taken to Arusha - office, where we changed to a roadster and we set out on safari. The first park to Lake Manyara, which he was the prelude and had us prepared for what happens next.
So ride - in the car spent the whole 4 days, almost two hours to Aruschy, more than an hour to the park and in the park 6 hours driving, then it was only worse – I mean more.

The team: driver Ali, Cook, and we have two Brazilians of Japanese origin, not imagine a better you.
In Lake Manyara we see a herd of wildebeest, zebra, hipopotamy, giraffes, elephants, herd of elephants, which takes a bath with sand by our car, monkeys with blue nuclei, Antylopa, baboons.
There are more delights, Ali looks out for us and shows animals, we drzemy excited voices in the sky, after a moment of silence to contemplate what we see.

In the park, we get a lunch box and put away in a beautiful natural setting.
We're going to the hot springs and go back to stay at the campsite in the vicinity of the park. After the disposition of the tents we go there for dinner and popcorn. Reconciled with fate eat handfuls, after life saves us but the soup and fish and chips, that was our dinner. What this country appetizer.

In the morning we co-opted two Danes / complainers and go around the crater Ngorogoro.

We head to the Serengeti, to the south by, then already in the Serengeti eyes hurt us from the sight of the horizon of wildebeest and zebras. As if been cloned, uncountable amount of. They gather here before the Great Migration. We ride on the savannah, jaguar meet, lwice, buffalo and ostrich racing plain.

Ali reminded us, Serengeti that after half a year you can ride still other ways so great is the area. It astonishes me very variable landscape, sawanna, suddenly springing up rock formations, And the trees, bus. What moments eyes are bombarded with incredible views and these animals. Are everywhere! I mimo, I know what they look like, I saw them at the zoo is here in nature, their natural environment, They look somehow different, they are larger, beautiful, awesome!

In the evening parked at a campsite prepared, toilets are, kitchen and dining room, no fences - around the savanna. We pitch tents and instructed by Ali, that there is no light - you have to have leaders, You can not leave anything outside the tent because animals zeżrą, food stays in the car and you have to walk in full ankle boots, we're going for supper.

Ali also stressed, that you should not wear things in black and blue so as not to attract tsetse flies. Hmm, I looked at our cook – skipping skin color – wiadomo, wearing a black t-shirt. No cóż, evil devil does not take?

At night in the camp they were ravaging hyena, They drank water from puddles next to our tent, then they are sniffing it and admit, that I was scared to go to the toilet, I waited until it gets light.

In the morning we drive to the savannah to watch the sunrise, Cook is lodge tents. We meet a lion, only what we have seen, okapi, crocodiles, Mrbuty.

And while we grab all things, we observe in silence a lot of tiny herd of elephants with her calf, which goes past our car. The sun is still low, it is magically.

In the afternoon we go back for lunch, pack bundles and we drive - literally, camp Ngorogoro. On gravel roads with holes, loose stones draw 90 km / h. Ali is said to be alert all the time and see a cheetah. We stand in a stately and intently watch the fastest animal on earth. Is beautiful, He sits and watches the savannah. We set off in the view engraved in the heart.

In the already known rhythm we pitched tents and wait longingly for dinner, as usual, a lot of late. In the meantime, even in tents we hear "trumpeting elephants", Maciek states, it was someone watching a video of a safari. With this in mind we fall asleep.

We get up again so that SCHOD watch the sun already crater. We leave camp, which were ravaging the elephants at night, we see them, big herd. Ali explains, that the future for water. A stupid white man spending the night in Ngorogoro he thought that this movie let go ...

And it seemed to me, that there is nothing more beautiful than the Serengeti savannah, but what we see in the crater is breathtaking in piesiach, to raj. Lions stroll among the wildebeest, buffalo pending disputes, hippos graze on the grass and we are able to meet the fifth of the Big Five - the young black rhino.

Views, Animals, It is as beautiful as in a fairy tale. On bawołach drive white birds, ibis and cranes crowned walking along the road, It is also a big bird - the largest flying bird, flamingi, herons and storks, that here "overwinter".

The end, return, the road is long and tiring, and drag on even more, when you change the car from a roadster Ali a taxi driver follower box box, then another change in Arusha and Moshi in the evening we are. morning marathon.