Desert Marathon Eilat prequel

The city of Eilat is located farthest south city Israel, It lies in an oasis located in the southern part of the Negev desert, on the Gulf of Aqaba. On the one hand, on the other Jordan Egypt, round up, desert, rocks and sand beach and in the Red Sea with the wonderful coral reef and all of this 42 km w biegu.

In this case, the description was not przereklamowayny:The most beautiful and wildest route in Israel. The route will lead you on a trek through the mountains surrounding the city of Eilat with their beautiful shades of sand, and breathtaking views to boost runners’ energy.
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IV Bierutowska Run Forest

We had to take part in the Grand Prix Racing Forest 2018 – distance marathon, hence we signed up for Bierutowska RUN LEŚNY, a closed cycle. First gear in Jelcz Laskowice but not ran and it was entirely my decision, which over time regret, ultimately we were not classified in GPBL.
Nevertheless, in Bierutów and actually we ran in Karwińcu and it was a bad race but good.
Photo. Wizard reminiscences

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