4. RST Półmaraton Świdnicki

Moisture promotes runners.
Photo. Daniel Gębała

I feel constantly, it is a course with long traditions, and this is just 4 scene, This year we ran again 3. Change compared to previous years was the end of the route and finish at the renovated stadium

Photo. RST

and weather, because it was raining but at least it was relatively warm. Perfect weather for runners? For me, I think so, because I like high humidity. In Świdnicy I felt like a fish in water.

Photo. Jaroslaw Mochulsky

Well run in a familiar environment, Know where to park the car to be able to leave without problems, where you relax before the race, when you start to move on and meet the world of race.

Photo. Daniel Gębała

The route still confuses me with a half-marathon Ślężański – Figuratively it is quite similar. It was not a surprise, My surprise was the speed the first few kilometers. With all my strength I tried to brake and do not rush, But the result surprised me basically on personal best 5, 10 in 21 km. However, the pace was strong. Between 18 a 19 km overtook me two grandmothers, I no longer had strength to accelerate its pace but kept. Dobiegłam 7 in the category of cosmic result.

Photo. strain Scouts “oaks” im. Andrzej Malkowski, Troop ZHP Swidnica

At the finish line waiting for a medal and thermal foil, then traditionally warm meal by the pool.
Maciek ran over a minute faster than me, It was a race against time to end.

Photo. Daniel Gębała

Photo. Jaroslaw Mochulsky

Podziwiłam fans on tour, who bravely cheered us in the rain. Some runners probably had trouble reaching the finish line because of start list for over 1500 people came 1463 of which only 280 kobiet.
I like this race, It is solidly organized, route favors the fight and good results, czego chcieć więcej?

21K: 01:36:22 in 01:37:24