V Half Marathon Piast

Traditionally, in October we went on the path Forest Redzinski.

The weather was ideal for running. Frekwencja dopisała, we met a lot of friends, talks about running there was no end.

Photo. Leon Dubij

The start time and the crowd struck on the half-marathon, 10,5 km and Nordic Walking started. A little afraid of starting a joint, but I set off sharply and even before 1 I found a place km. The route compared to last year was modified to loop, which twice had to be overcome along with the re-przebiegnięciem start / finish line so that “leave” those with short distance.

Photo. Leon Dubij

The first ran me over and over again as well. Yet even I am seen the back of Maciek. The path along the Oder was narrow but it was not crowded, byłam drugą kobietą. Before the run wider alleys purified from the leaves in the forest, which was completely unnecessary. The machine touched only stones, which lay loosely and often interfere in the running. A new feature was also extending the loops in the meadow, was uneven and uncomfortable. After 11 km ran to me now worse, route me bored and slightly irritated, when he stopped suddenly tripped over a root and landed in the bushes. Quickly I pulled himself together and ran away a little dazed. was 8 km to the finish, I lost the second position and struggled a little longer to finish.

Byłam 3 kobietą na mecie!

Racing WKB Piast have a family character, rivalry recedes into. At the finish line waiting pea soup poured from the heart, hot tea and podium. Some deign to a pint of beer, that were in the package.

To był dobry bieg, very well prepared and it was nice to meet so many friends running.

21K: 01:38:44 in 01:42:07 (3 TO BUY)