Run Three Hills

With the launch of the entries we had a dilemma, what to choose “Energetics” or “Hills”.

Photo. Pro-Run

This year changed the day and the start time. With the traditional Saturday and 17.00 hours on Sunday and did 10.00. I was happy, you will not need to run on the same day of the competition CITY TRAIL but do not expect, I'll have to choose between me liked by Energy and Three Hills Run, where I wanted to finally settle accounts with 1 second to 3 miejsca. The decision was one.
Jak zwykle, Every year I promise myself, that I will train downhill and finally I have consistently disenchant 4 place of 3 years. As usual, it ends up on a few training sessions a year, I run and so on “element”.
This year, the event race crowd at one time made, that the attendance was not thrilling. competed only 44 I am looking women and among the participants thought, I have a chance.

The weather was summer again, so I do not overdo the warm-up, We took off and the first ascent on the Hill all warmed Pafawag. Quickly established the order, byłam drugą kobietą. In the vicinity 2 I said km third attack girls, which ran in the men's company. I knew, that is near (follow me) and be a hazard to the finish. Hills defeated in a calm pace, I did not want to push, legs already felt a strong run Saturday. Before the second wbiegiem Skarbowców heard on the Hill, confirmation, I am but a second, that for me is just a third 20 m.

It left to the finish line to beat the most difficult part – stairs again and again hill Pafawag. Running up the hill I heard a shout Maciek – ress and I knew, he was going to lose 2 position. I had no strength to run faster, I was overtaken, on the plateau I tried not to lose distance. Kalkulowałam head, that third place is not so bad, Finally, I will not 4. i thought let go. On the final confluence of the finish proved, that the rate is not impressive, I decided to try and “I let the legs”. This gave me the pace and ahead of rival, I heard her companion ran screaming to, but I has accelerated. I ran to the finish like a speeding train and found out, that time I managed to win 2 miejsce o 2 seconds. Finally, I had an advantage, after so many losers 3 places 1 second, I picked up her second nadwiązką and I open!

Fought victory tastes best, I am proud of myself and run, Finally I made the fight and prevailed!

10K: 00:47:14 (2 OPEN) in 00:47:29