CITY TRAIL 2018/2019

The seventh edition, for our second full cycle.
Photo. Lucy Kowol

We decided to come back after a season break paths in the Forest Osobowicki. Bit afraid of the crowds, cramped and not very comfortable running. Tempted me back perspective 5 km in winter, when there is not too much running events. I just signed up and took off.
Photo. Lucy Kowol

The weather was summer and I was afraid record attendance and took off almost here 500 people, for it were crowds of friends, which it was extremely pleased to see.
We started in the waves, We deliberately ran in the group to 22 minutes. It is pure tactics, it is good to run a strong chase group and stronger, who dictate the pace. I ran at the end of the rate but it was thanks to the crush, I ran comfortably, few people had to sell off and resulted in a very good result.
Only at the very beginning of the dust disturbed me, which is the result of spilling the path of finely ground aggregate.
Strong pace the entire distance made, that 1 km to the finish line no longer have the strength to accelerate, running up the pitch – meadow just before the finish line I was thinking about this as long to reach her, I not turned up the pace, because I had “whereof”.
At the finish line waiting for water and traditionally wafers, already I am looking forward to the next race in November.

5K: 00:21:28 (1 K40) in 00:21:37