Mountain Half Marathon memorial Ślężański Adam Palichleba

Do we bear “zjadł”?

Tempted us beautiful, fired medals. We chose the half-marathon, will 10 km is too little and too much kilometers marathon on September our struggles. The weather was a dream run, cool and beautiful sun. I can not switch to a cooler aura and I am afraid of the cold, because, unfortunately, the coarsely dressed up for the competition and this time too overheated.

All distances competed together, on 6 km our paths diverged, you had only to reach there. Łatwo nie było, I knew, that I will fight to fit in 3 hours. Half Marathon ran through the trails and summit of Mt parties podszczytowe Radunia. For half of the route had become more bearable but 6 km before the finish we had to once again climb to the summit of Mt, it was hell. Maciek literally dragged me to the top. Concurrence to the finish was no better, stony red trail…

At the finish line medals, hot meal and hunger.
I not ran on 100%, although the hill lungs “spitting”, the fugitives, Especially in a rocky release hate. Mogło być lepiej, but what? Mountain running is not my climate, I prefer forest paths.

22k: 02:58:48 (5 w K40)