Challenge of the Disneyland® Paris Magic Run Weekend

My hand is not durable, feet so!

Challenge of the Disneyland® Paris Magic Run Weekend

Do trzech razy sztuka, We were at the inaugural half marathon at Disneyland in Paris 2016 years, this still ran 5km. In 2017 we chose for the first time offered the challenge 10+21 This year we combined all these gears 36K and came CHALLENGE 5+10+21. So goodbye and a summary of our adventure with Mickey.

Proven scenario repeated from last year, ten I wanted 2,5 km from the start, flights and access to the Val d'Europe. Similar to 2017 the Friday we went to the expo so as to be even before opening. Weather spared us, It was cold, windy and occasionally deigned us drizzle. We stood in the queue, to hear at 10, when they open the doors expo, they have technical problems and do not know how much it will take to solve them, może 10 minutes and can 2 hours.
We Miki vs. 1:0

Fortunately we waited only "academic quarter" and went after our packages. Without queues we collected our Challenge, ie one start number for all the gears, transparent bag and deposit 5 T-shirts! This year they are made of a different material than before, and instead have printing iron-on transfers, I, however, I preferred the previous.

At the starting number I said horror, that we were allocated E and taking off from the last start zone. I knew what it meant, and "the earth shook".
We Miki vs. 2:0
Until now, the zone was granted on the basis of the estimated time and we were in zone B, right behind the elite and those, who declared half-marathon “the below 1:30”. Start with E marked the end of the run and the crowds on the route.

It began frantic running and attempt to change the zone, learned, that this year randomized zone! And they landed in the "walkers", if fate favored them! We were able to communicate with Dutch pair, which had the same problem and together thanks to the support service we changed the zone B. Uff, this round have managed to tie.
But we Miki vs. 1:1

In good spirits we returned to the hotel to get ready for the first race, start godzina 20, distance 5K. We knew from experience, that you have to come early, to take a good place in the starting zone, However, because the kind of Disney, fairy tales and fun and yet there is no mercy, and everyone wants to be at the front.

It worked and we have the same goals, a relaxing freezing over 1,5 hours. Of course, with no warm-up for this type of racing no way. You can only poprzebierać little legs. Finally, unless the 4 or 5 countdown and booting groups and we took off.

already on 1 km dopadliśmy “spacerowiczów” Zone A, We beat small embolism, and to two kilometers, we managed to catch up with all the slower runners, and we had as comfortable route. I tried to enjoy the charms of how much you can run, but I looked it up we were already at the finish line.

The funny thing is, that we saw at the start of the runners get ready supply of water, gels… Water was available at 2,5 km, which does not happen on racing 5k, this, of course, was at the finish line at will, juices and characteristic “box runDisney” with cookies, batonikami, nuts and banana.

Pokręciliśmy a moment at the finish line and expo, then slowly we got back to the hotel.
We Miki vs. 1:2