Walk in Margaux

Traditional Sunday's 10km walk with wine tasting and lunch is the culmination of the course.

The weather surprised us again, this time it was cold and raining. The snail's pace went to the vineyards Châteaux where she was further part of the event, the festival bought oysters and this time dared.

One of the six was my glutków salt and was surprisingly tasty. Po aperitifie – white wine and small snacks for lunch time came and red wine, he was only disco.

On the dance floor went wild oldest, something like 50/60+ and yes, They also had "a marathon in his legs". I admire. A little potańczyliśmy and cheerful team returned to Bordeaux and getting off the bus I felt, że to już koniec, the end of the three-day, crazy party.

Surprisingly, that organize this age people, young little help as volunteers. Everything is like clockwork, on time and exactly as you need. Embrace the tipsy crowd is an art, and I do not want to think how much work you have to put, so that we can so casually play.

Meeting is great, tents, showers, washrooms, deposit does not fault anything. Eating in the dirt, tables to bend, fault, beer and water ad libitum. The atmosphere on the route do the crowds, that genuinely support the running, They enjoy and celebrate what is best and there is no need to hurry in this marathon, you have to run and enjoy, entertain.

This year, everything went as I expected. I'm feeling a little bit different than 2016 and despite the, I really like this course, Rather, it is already not choose him. Its repeatability and predictability for me is no longer an asset. I want to try something new: Beaujolais, Cognac…

And this little digression marathon: in 2016 This was our first marathon, This year we ran 7 the marathon 4 this year. Easier, it was easier, 42 km are equally hard for the first and for the "entym" together. Yes it is, as it takes off from the march, ad lib, running gusts 15 km per week ...

Besides Le Marathon des Châteaux du Médoc is a very difficult course, only for ultras in drinking and eating! But!

42k:04:14:49 in 04:36:59