Gear Night Radio Wroclaw

“beans” We spent the evening running around the park Grabiszyński with Radio Wroclaw (I do not like to take off under the house?!).

In the evening, in the framework of “psiowego walking” odebraliśmy pakiety. Then just I yawned.

I curbed the desire to run the forgiveness, However, we went to start at 22. Among the considerable crowds, as “podwórkowy” confession – 300 people bought packages, I came back a little desire to run and compete.
We took off and we had to run the pace of relaxation and can 300 meters so stand it. Runners ahead of me terribly irritated, I moved forward. There I ran to the max, from just ran in “your comfort”.
Photo. Radio Wroclaw

Light jogging is doing very well. Paths are now visible and winter will not be “terrible” in training. I was surprised it too, despite the really large number of runners, as the capacity of the track, there were no crowds and congestion. Unlike the usual guided tour was interesting and attractive.
Photo. Radio Wroclaw

Strong safety team!

Let go of his feet before the finish line, it was better than in the morning, but it's time to run and not “sunbathing”. Ironically, I was 4 w kategorii.
Maciej bravely accompanied, cheered and Marguerite another pejsował.

5K: 00:23:43 in 00:28:29