pickled eggs

Before the marathon, as usual, we not trained, walking tour and did the training. After landing at Phuket on the way from the airport to the hotel we received packages.

Everything was prepared and worked like clockwork: Signs, tents and gate facilities. Race already teeming with life. We picked up bags of cross-country, We looked around the ekspo and went to the hotel.

In accordance with our practice we choose a hotel close to the start / finish line, we were able to book a very nice house with a kitchenette up 1,6 km from the start. This year we were lucky, adventure of Cambodia showed, it is not always what it seems.

The next morning we went for a run along the beach. It was windy and the waves were large, I ended up 3 km run and 7 km march. completed training.

You can go for the pasta party, that foreign tourists have paid a package with marathon. This was changed in accordance with the suggestions of runners, evening party turned into lunch. ideal hour 12-15, It worked perfectly before the race.

We showed up at the expo and somewhat confused looking for clues, where is the pasta party. The initial chaos turned into a pleasure expo kursował shuttel special bus to the hotel, where the event took place.

The elegant Hotel Laguna Grow, tables and beautifully prepared meals. waiters, who just chatting on the empty glass to offer another drink.

I was also enchanted dishes, because fortunately were local: pasta, rice, soup, Salads, seafood to choose the color.

I could not resist also coconut ice creams, the best ice cream I've tasted!

Najedzeni, full of impressions we returned to the cottage, where another surprise awaited us, the owner offered a ride in the morning start, though he has not started.