Whether it is worth Thailand?

I will not go into details departure, Only a few details. We went in the rainy season, there was no choice, such is the deadline marathon.

In BKK downpour caught us only once, on the islands kropiło, it was cloudy, but for us the weather was perfect. The sun could not withstand. It was not until the last day before departure in Khao Lak we learned what it means to the rainy season, It rained, and only changed the intensity of the rain, porwisty to the wind and we had a small monsoon. We learned, as it is the rainy season is blowing and pouring non-stop, especially in the south just west of Thailand, we were lucky.

Due to unfavorable period it is not so much tourists and obnoxious tourists in Phuket, Phi Phi They appeared to us as a place of paradise. In particular, we stole the heart of Phi Phi with a loose atmosphere, paradisiacal views, bays, mountains and something unspecified airborne. We rented a kayak and visited Monky Beach, we decided not to buy trips to Phi Phi and Maya Lech (the most famous beach), We saw her sailing from Phuket to the Phi.

We were not tourists running around with a camera, zaliczającymi all the "space", We soaked up the atmosphere, not hurried, we experienced.

Below a more detailed plan of departure.
3 WRO outlet – WAW – Doha – BKK
4 Temple hair washing and Gold Mountain – what Saket.
5 Ajuttya – former capital of Thailand
6 Park Lumpini
7 cooking course
8 outlet Phuket (HKT) – receiving packages
9 pasta party!
10 marathon
11-14 Phi Phi – Viking Nature Resort
14-17 Khao Lak (hike rainforest)
17 outlet HKT – DOH – WAW – WRO

We plan to deliver in 100%, transfers were not a problem and it seems to me, we chose the best possible options. With the backpacks 7 kg traveled local airline, ship, water trams, traditional boat – longboat'em, train 3 category, local bus, shuttle bus, tuk tukiem, canoe, bicycles and on foot. They came out with this very active, Sports two weeks.

Było magicznie, for me Thailand is a fascinating place, I want to be there and to come back. I recommend, but not everyone responds the lack of all and soaking up the beach and in exchange a bunch of cockroaches prowling about in the dark kibelku, well, because that geckos running around the walls of a local standard and the same joy. This year, even slept with a skylight, or rather we tried to sleep, because I really bother its strengths, pulsating light like flying around the bedroom.

We return to running – CDN.