Trip Taj

Once "liznęliśmy" Thailand last year, we knew, that we want, we have to go back. Best as soon as possible. Marathon was a matter of course. We fell head over heels in an atmosphere of Bangkok, but the city did not want to run, we wanted to see the island famous and infamous Patong Beach on Phuket.

The direction of the Laguna Phuket, term 10 June 2018, the 42 km.

After selecting the hunting for tickets, we chose a flight to Pattaya and the departure from Phuket. itinerary, movement, booking hostels in the new year we had everything buttoned up. Unexpectedly in May came news of the cancellation of the flight to Pattaya, we had an alternative or day in Doha (last Ramadan) or rebooking the flight to BKK *. The choice was obvious - Bangkok. This was originally a plan, but the price of tickets to Pattaya was attractive, we had to spend the night there after landing and take bus to BKK. Los put himself in the hands of our perfect plan.

4-8 BKK "our hotel"
8-11 Phuket
11-14 Phi Phi
14-17 Khao Lak
17 departure from Phuket

In BKK we feel "at home" warm welcome at the hotel, everyone remembered us, "Restaurant" on the pavement work continues, the same "lokalsi" on the streets. It was a very well spent.

The family running the hostel knew our cross-country goals and the owners daughter, to our astonishment took us on a cross-country track Bangkok.

It turned out, that a lot of people out "jog" specially prepared parks. It is the path speed, poidełka, place and scene to fitness training, the gym. A lot of people make use of such facilities, and though the course does not look like running and often it is a walk, however, out of the house and are moving. when perceptible 38 – 40 degrees is a feat. After about 5 km countless number of wheels being moved into the city. Cross-country tour of the most important temples, that we have seen in the last year, story, trivia about the city, and finally the ferry to the hostel complemented our first day trip Taja.

* a shortcut in the form of the IATA code, designation of airports.