Fifteen piastowska

I did not plan to run, 15 This strange km distance. Cunning plan WKB hub with a collection of medals brought, we decided to run.

Photo. Richard Ładoński

I did not feel like this course, I thought about leaving the next day 5 morning. Same zera: focus, desire, energy and enthusiasm.
We have received the package and met many friends. It turned out, that tempted us not only a collection of medals, it is a good motivator for starts.
We ran and did not think too much, I noticed with surprise, I am the first woman on the grid. It was not until 5 km. It was hot and shafts until we ran a light breeze cools us, I ran the route in half at the base of the shaft and refreshing wind was gone. Heat and hot air slightly bothered me.

Yet I lost the lead shaft, but not levied for me irrelevant. I was rather surprised, I ran that as long as the first. Then ahead of me even one girl. At the finish line, I was the third woman. It was a huge surprise, I do not even counted in the category, I was quite embarrassed going and I did not have the heart to run. I took off mechanically, I ran “without head” formerly reach the finish line, I was still in 3 OPEN.

sports Wroclaw

Nice though surprising.

15K: 01:13:05 in 01:13:07 (3 OPEN)