One thousand miles

In 2013 otarliśmy year for the start of the race Mille Miglia in Brescia.

The campsite owner, where camping on the way to IMM it started.

Carefully prepared car, and we podpatrywaliśmy.

In the end, we have not seen the start, museum – nor. Then we were not yet “enlightened”. Everything is yet to come, I plan to trip over a Garda… once.

In this year's Mille Miglia compete two Polish crew, including my “favorite Gul”. I can not resist the temptation to recall the old entry from 2013 he criticized the disgusting majtkowy color In Mercedes 198 In type 300 SL z 1954 years

Well, a miracle happened and the owner returned to the original color and interior, or elegant ivory (Ivory) with dark blue interior and elegant upholstery in gray and navy blue checkered. Farewell pink landryno and never come back. I co, who was right?