It's time for MUSEO STORICO ALFA ROMEO, that is, father and mother of the, most beautiful in the automotive industry.

Aesthetic feast was huge, because at the beginning of some “general plans” and information and the individual rooms will be demolished to pieces in separate entries.

The museum is near and the time away from Milan. Accessible by public collective – say, it is easily – ride the bus, but to the Museum from the need to walk around 1,5 km road without a pavement. nothing pleasant. Car is a whole lot easier, Additionally “before” Free parking is. The museum itself “not conspicuous” and it is connected to the showroom and former factory.

After re-opening last year smacks of freshness. It is divided into themed rooms, car does not have an overwhelming amount but, those that can be seen in more than enough.

Presents the history of the brand, logo i “other activities”.

“oldies” not too much.

are copies “transition”

and harrowing!

Of course, a large exposure “racers”, dynamically presented.

At the end of the waiting experience with glasses 3D and 4D cinema, Italian coffee bar and purchase the new Alfa in the living room.

Despite the logistical difficulties of reaching and surprisingly small advertising / information Museum strongly recommend, because it is something to admire. And now I invite you on a tour of the Italian shapes…